About getting there…

I´m still learning. And often I have the vocabulary but forget how to use it.

The other day I was on the phone with uncle Max, talking about my mothers accident. I did tell him that she was having operation. The minute I hanged up I realized that using the frase: having surgery would have made more sense…

The last couple of days have made me pick up a lot. And I also see the importance of me and William speaking english to each other at home. Calcot have been a good start in learning and practicing the language, but just a start. It pretty much repeats it self.

So I think my new work will give it a push in the right direction..

And what about my new work? Well, I´m employed by a company called Learning Together. And they are currently starting up their first support home. It is set up for two people with learning disabilities and autism. In the support work we are going to do we are using Gentle Teaching and RDI (Relationship Development Intervention). It´s different from what I have done before and I´m really looking forward to it. My colleges comes from all kinds of backgrounds, but we all are hand picked from about 300 applicants. And everybody seems to be very nice people!


Now it´s hooveringtime – before I head of to Heathrow to pick William up


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3 Responses to About getting there…

  1. Lisa W says:

    Gud jag fattar ingenting. Ska google translatea det där. ;)

    Iaf så tycker jag också ni är gryyyymma!!!!

  2. annapanna says:

    Du är grym! på allt!

  3. P-A says:

    You seem to be quite comfortable working with people who have had or are having problems of some sort. You’re a good person Jennie.

    Also, I think it is good that you are practicing your English, not only orally but also in writing. I’m thinking of doing the same think. Hence why this comment is in English.

    Have a good one and give William by best!

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